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What is your Desire?

What if, you could have the desires of your heart?
What if, you could change your life by changing your current mindset?
What if, you could have more Peace and Happiness?
What if, you could improve the quality of your life just by changing a few things about your mindset?

Would you like that?

Maybe this coaching program is for you.

How is this Program for?    If you….

  • Are a Non Christian or Christian
  • Desire to change your current mindset
  • Desire to change your current behavior
  • Are tired of feeling stuck
  • A Christian who desire to walk closer to God
  • Desire to experience more peace in storms
  • Desire to experience more love, joy and happiness
  • A Christians who desire to learn how to overcome the enemy
  • A Christian who desire to love people like Jesus loved them.
  • A Christian who desire to grow in your spiritual life.
  • Desire to Improve the quality of your life
  • Desire to do what it takes to live a life of freedom.
  • Desire to be more positive.

What do you Desire?

If your answer is Yes to some of these questions, then I would love to schedule a Free 30 minute Coaching Session with you.


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Apostle Michelle is known to many as a Prophetic Adviser and Spiritual Mentor. Those who desire direction and guidance from the Lord, consider Apostle as the go to person in this area.

The Lord shared with Apostle Michelle several things about the mind.

God told her that He created our minds to create.

He gave her a list of 5 things that He desires for us to create with our minds.

Those 5 things are:

  • Peace
  • Love
  • Patience
  • Merry (Happy)
  • Kindness to others

This is the List the Lord gave Apostle for you.

These 5 things are the perfect will of God for your life and this world.


You must create them and it starts with your mind.

The Lord gave Apostle many Keys to help you start the process of renewing your mind.

Are you Ready to get started?

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My Story

In 2002, my life changed. But let’s talk about what led up to this life-changing experience. I was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, on January 6th, 1974 to a young broken mother. At a very young age, my mother decided to send me to live with my grandparents in Albemarle, NC. I always thought my mom would come back to get me, but she never did. I wouldn’t receive many calls from her even on my birthday. She had forgotten about me and moved on with her life with my brother and later on my younger sister. I was left there to grow up with my aunts, uncles, and cousins.

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Apostle Michelle Peterson The Mantle of Prosperity

The Lord gave Apostle Michelle two “Covenants” in this book that He desires to enter into with His people.

1. The Covenant of Blessings
2. The Covenant of Prosperity

The Lord also gave Apostle Michelle specific requirements that we “must agree to” before we can enter into these Covenants with Him.

The School of the Prophets Apostle Michelle Peterson



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