Getting Back to Eden

Getting Back to Eden….. The Way Has already been made for us to come back. Learn from Apostle Michelle and Enjoy Oneness with God…..






Training and Equipping

Is Apostle Michelle a “Good-Fit” for your next Event?

The Style and Theme:

Apostle Michelle has an “unique” style of ministering (Read more about her).

She’s not the typical Apostle. She is a calm relaxed speaker, that focuses only on sharing with the people the words and instructions from the Lord.

Apostle Michelle may come across as a Prophet but God has called her to be His Apostle.

God has called this ministry for a Specific Purpose and that purpose is to help His people to “walk with Him.”

We accomplish this purpose by teaching them about God, Focusing on Him, Depending on Him and Encountering Him Daily.

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Messages From God

Messages From God

Love Letter from God to you: Walking with the Living God – Knowing God Personally

Love Letter from God to You:

Most people don’t Focus on Me or Consider Me in their lives, they Focus on themselves and their Desires.
I desire to be a part of My People’s lives Every day.
Please Let ME in, Please Let ME in..
Consider Me in your daily things. Consider Me.

Understand Me, Learn about Me, Research Me in My Word. Seek Me in My Word, Study My ways, My Character, My Needs (Respect, Honor, and Love), My wants (I want My people to Love Me, Honor Me, and Truly Respect Me), My Heart, My Love, My Will.

I AM Pure, I AM Free from sin, I AM Free from Evil.
I AM Holy. I AM Blameless, Harmless, Pure.
Everything about ME is Pure.
My Thoughts, My Plans are Pure, I AM Pure. Everything I do is Pure.
My Heart is Pure.
Love is who I AM. I AM Love.

Come and be a part of My Plans.
I AM Meek and Low in Heart, I AM Gentle.

Spend the day with Me.
Open up your heart to Me.
Draw Close to Me, Trust Me.
Seek Me and Find Me.
Open up your heart to Me.

I want the people to know Me.
I honor those who Honor Me, I trust those who Trust Me.
I will Give you all things, If you believe in Me.

Come, I will give you Rest, Rest from pain, suffering, struggles, trials, hurt, envy, strife.
I will set you Free.
Do you want to be Free? Come to Me.

I love you!!! Come to Me.
Open your heart to Me.

What is God saying?

This playlist is filled with words and messages from the God Almighty. What is God saying? God is speaking but are you listening? Watch this playlist to hear some things The Lord shared with Apostle Michelle.


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My Story

1profileIn 2002, my life changed. But let’s talk about what led up to this life-changing experience. I was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, on January 6th, 1974 to a young broken mother. At a very young age, my mother decided to send me to live with my grandparents in Albemarle, NC. I always thought my mom would come back to get me, but she never did. I wouldn’t receive many calls from her even on my birthday. She had forgotten about me and moved on with her life with my brother and later on my younger sister. I was left there to grow up with my aunts, uncles, and cousins.

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