Watch “The Creator’s TV” live Friday nights on YouTube. The Show is focused on helping Christians walk closer to God and overcome the enemy.  

Start Time: 8:00pm EST

Prophetic Class: May 2021

Enroll Today!  May 2nd 2021 is the first day of class. If you didn’t make the others classes, you can sign up for this class.  For more information, click the “Enroll Today!” button.  

Consultant Session... Coming Soon

Hey You Guys, I am available for Consultant Sessions for the Month of March Only, then I will keep you updated when I am available for sessions again. I have a few categories for you to chooses from. One is for couples who desire to walk close to the Lord and overcome the enemy together. Also, I am excited about this on, “Mentorship for Deliverance Ministers”. These sessions are for those who are called to Deliverance and would like to have mentor sessions with me. You can schedule your session today.

Simply Deliverance Planner Collection

I am so excited to introduce my “Simply Deliverance Planner” collections. These 30-Day planners will help you remove attacks, curses and strongholds, witchcraft attacks and much more… I took the simple strategies I used when ministering deliverance to people and placed them in these beautiful planner. The collection for men will be released soon. Deliverance is a way of life, and it can be very Simple.

Experience the Simplicity of Deliverance with this collection. Pre-Order Your Copy Today!

Simply Deliverance Planner Collections

Apostle's Story

You can find more information about Apostle Michelle's story, you can click here.


Apostle is in the process of creating different products to help you in your Christian walk.


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The Creator's Academy will be filled with information, videos, courses, mentorship and more.

Women With Mantles
Women's Exclusive Club

Join Apostle Michelle’s Club form women.   This club is a Community of women that love God and desire to walk with Him. We would love for other women who are like-minded to join our family. We all participate in self-deliverance each week, and focus on walking in love. You will always feel like you are supported. Our members are from different walks of life, countries and spiritual levels. You can feel at home here. 

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