Words from the Lord: “Know My Mind”

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We all desire to know the mind of God. What’s His thoughts? What does He think about me?

Words from the Lord:

-I want them to know My Mind. I want them to know that My mind has always been for the people. I want them to know, I have always been for them.

The Lord said that He wants the people to know that He loves them and He wants them to come to Him.

-I want them to choose Me and not to choose the enemy. I do want them to come to Me, My heart is for them. They are My children, I have called them to be with Me.

I want them to know that I will remove all guilt and shame from their hearts and replace it with Love.  I love them.

Such powerful words from Our Creator. His heart is so pure and He loves us so..

Come to Him and Worship Him with your life.

Apostle Michelle Peterson   Freedom Nation Team

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