Who is the Heavenly Father? Part #4

I was chatting with the Lord about the Post He wanted me to share with you about Him today, and He said, tell them “I am Honorable” and We should honor Him in everything we do.

The Lord said “I want them to treat Me as the Highest person in their life but BETTER”

The Lord also said “I am Honor.”

God desires Honor because He is Honor. He is Love, He is Peace, He is Patience, He is Truth. He is Power. Our God is Great.

How do we Honor a “King” as great as Our God?

He is to be honored to the “Highest” and even then, He still deserves more and more Honor.

God loves to Honor those who Honor Him.

We should desire to Honor Him because He deserves “All’ Honor and Glory.

How do we Honor God in our lives?

The Lord spoke this to me and said, “We Honor Him by allowing Him to be a part of our day.” Everyday.

We “allow God” by inviting Him to join us in every choice, decision, and activity.

Just say in the morning, Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, I welcome You and invite you to join me today, and be part of the decisions and choices I have to make today. I invite You in.

Love on Him Today by inviting Him to join you in everything. He doesn’t want to control us but partner with us in this earth. Co-labors.

… P.S The Lord said… “I love you”


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