When God calls you His Friend

There are not many scriptures found in the bible where God calls His creation “His Friend.”

Abraham is a person who God called friend.  

James 2:23  And the scripture was fulfilled which saith, Abraham believed God, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness: and he was called the Friend of God. 

On January the 23rd, I was hanging out with the Lord. He had given me a few new gifts the week before because I had ministered to a few people. So, I ask Him to reward me with “Love.” While I was receiving the Impartation of Love, I heard Him say… “You are My Friend now.” I was in a state of total shock, and still am. After I heard Him say this, I realized that everything I that I had every wanted, had just came truth and made my reality. All the pain, attacks, warfare, sacrifice was worth it.

It’s all Worth it.

I want to share with you, if you desire for God to call you His Friend, you can have this type of relationship with Him. It will take “Everything” in you but it’s so worth it. It will take total submission but it’s worth it. It will take enduring intense fire and depending on God to provide every need. It will never be easy to receive such an High Honor as being a “Friend of God” but it’s so worth it.

I want to encourage you today, that all things are possible. You can have everything you desire with God. He will give you this desire, if you want it bad enough.

Do you want it?

Ask Him today t help you have this relationship with Him.

Be prepared to give up all for Him.. Whether it’s.. your Diet, Relationships, Things, or your control. Give it up. Give it up… Do not complain but count it all joy.

It’s so worth it.

You can have it.

Be encouraged.

Covenant Mindset Journal #FriendofGod

Apostle Michelle Peterson

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