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Apostle Michelle Peterson areas of Ministry:

Deliverance Coach & Minister – Prophetic & Spiritual Warfare Trainer – Messenger

List of Teaching Focus:

Ministering, Training & Equipping in these areas:

 1. Apostle Michelle’s teachings are Directly from God:

Apostle Michelle is the Overseer and the trainer/teacher of Freedom Nation. She has been honored by God to speak His words to His people. What I mean by that is, she has a covenant with God, that she will only teach with words directly from God’s mouth. He gives her the message in details, she writes His Words down (word-for-word) and then she gives those same words to the people. After she shares with the people what God said, she then explains the revelation and how it applies to their lives.

Who is Apostle Michelle Peterson?

Apostle Michelle Peterson

The Lord has given her many instructions for the people such as, How to Overcome Fear, How to Prophesy, How to remove the Hindrances of Prophecy, How to See Prophecy Manifest in Your Life, How to Experience the Glory Cloud, and How to Have Encounters with God. He has also given her instructions on Spiritual Warfare, Accessing the Spiritual Realm and getting out, Entering into Covenants with God and so much more. The teachings are powerful. There are so many testimonies about lives being changed by this ministry and How the Lord is with them Every step of the way.

Here are Some of the Fundamental Teachings of this Ministry:

  • Understanding God, His ways and His Character:
  • Who is the Heavenly Father?
  • Inviting God into Your Daily Life: Living Sacrifice
  • The New Covenant of Jesus: A Relationship with the Father
  • God’s Love: The Depth
  • Walking with God: Partnership with God
  • Focusing on God: Supernatural Lifestyle Foundation
  • Opening the Heart: Accessing Heaven
  • Becoming one with God: Intimacy with God
  • Trusting God: How to Trust God
  • Prophecy: Training & Equipping – Hearing the Voice of God
  • Deliverance 101
  • Basic Spiritual Warfare: Battling in the Spiritual Realm

2. Relationship with God: (Hearing God’s Voice)

Written by: Apostle Michelle Peterson

Encounters with God TV - Apostle Michelle Peterson

Helping people hear God’s voice is a very important part of the Ministry. Teaching all of God’s people how to listen for the Lord’s voice is priceless. He is our Lifeline. Without communication with Him, some of us would have been destroyed a long time ago. It’s like breathing air – mandatory. A Relationship with God is #1 & Communication with God is #2. To have Encounters with God, we need both of these things.

Before Jesus came, people could not have a relationship with the Heavenly Father.

Jesus came so that “We” could have a relationship with God.

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. John 14:6

God sent His Son (Jesus) because He loved the people in this world, and He desires a relationship with us on Earth, right now.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

Jesus even told us to pray to The Heavenly Father, in His (Jesus) name.

All throughout the bible Jesus tells us to communicate with the Heavenly Father…

Jesus also said, ask the Father for anything in My Name and He (God) will do it for us. Everything goes through Jesus, but we still can have a beautiful relationship with God the Father too.

Jesus always did things to please the Father. Jesus only did what He saw the Father doing. Jesus only spoke what the Father said. If God gave Jesus Visions and Spoke to Him, Why wouldn’t God give us visions and speak to us this same way?

Jesus is our example of what a relationship looks like with the Father.

Jesus walked with His Heavenly Father in everything and we are to do the same.

Hearing the voice of God is mandatory to walk with Him.

God shared something with me awhile back that, “He desires to be a part of our daily lives.” He desires for us to invite Him into everything we do. This is a perfect relationship with Him.



The Life of Jesus through the Father’s eyes: Jesus our Example

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3. Deliverance is Important: (Deliverance Coach)

Written by: Apostle Michelle Peterson

Encounters with God TV - Apostle Michelle Peterson

We also focus on ministering Deliverance, Restoration & Renewal to a person’s Total Being.

We have a physical body, a Spirit-man and a Soul.

All three of these areas can have demonic and or occult/witchcraft attacks on/in them.

1. Deliverance: The Body

The Body can be attacked with things like, sickness (Cancer, Diabetes, Auto-immune Disease, Incurable Diseases, Heart Disease, Pain, Fatigue, etc.)

2. Deliverance: The Spirit-man

Our Spirit-man can go through so much torment by demonic spirits. Our Spirit can be tortured, torn/ripped, caged, chained and attacked in so many ways.

3. Deliverance: The Soul

Our Soul can experience deep wounds of Pain, Unforgiveness, Bitterness, Hurt, Anger, Rage, Rejection, Fear, etc. If these things are never dealt with, then a person can live a life of torment while still being “born again.”  These Deep emotional Wounds and Trauma are stored in the Soul.

4. Deliverance: The Mind

The Mind/Brain is a place that also needs intensive deliverance from Mindsets of Fear, Doubt, Unbelief, Unforgiveness, etc. The Mind can be tormented by demonic spirits, controlled with demonic controlling systems, veiled, blocked, entangled and so much more. The enemy uses so many spiritual strategies to keep the human race in bondage, it’s shocking. The Lord reveals new things to us weekly. The Lord is a great partner to have in ministry because He is the only one who can remove these things from us in the spiritual realm. The only reason why we are able to minister to people who are suffering from demonic attacks is because God ministers with us every step of the way.


Overcoming Demonic Influences:

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4. Spiritual Warfare:

Written by: Apostle Michelle Peterson

Encounters with God TV - Apostle Michelle Peterson

Spiritual Warfare is Battling from the Spiritual Realm. It has to be done from the Spiritual realm and CAN NOT be done from the natural realm. Apostle Michelle teaches very simple steps on “How to Access the spiritual realm, what to do when you are there and how to get out.” Very simple strategies to overcome the enemy.


Breaking Curses, Witchcraft, Occult, Demonic

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