Walking in Prosperity:

Revelation from the Lord on Prosperity from the Book “The Mantle of Prosperity”  ORDER TODAY

This Book is not for those who do not believe God speaks to His people or for those who do not believe in Prophets or Apostles. This Book is for Spirit-filled Born again Christians who desire to walk with God like Enoch.

The Mantle of Prosperity 30 Days of Entering into Covenant Blessings Through out the bible, there were many people who desired to know and walk with God. Because of the desires of their hearts and their faithfulness, God made covenants with them All.

The Lord shared with Apostle Michelle the reason He makes covenants with man. He makes covenants with us because He loves us and He desires that we love Him too. The Lord gave Apostle Michelle two “Covenants” in this book, that He desires to enter in with His people.

1. The Covenant of Blessings

2. The Covenant of Prosperity.

The Lord also gave her specific requirements that we “must agree to” before we can enter into these Covenants with Him.

If you desire, you will get the opportunity to enter into one or both covenants with the Lord. The Covenants and the list of requirements are within the book.

You will also be able to download your “Covenant Certificate” to sign and frame for your wall, as a daily reminder of the covenant you have with the Lord. This book has a 30-day planner, that will help you focus on walking in these two covenants for 30-days. This Book is a life changer.

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