Vision of Heaven & the Lord on His Throne

As I was listening to “Who Is Like You?” song by Jon Thurlow and the Lord showed me a vision of Heaven.

In the song it talks about wanting to see the city where righteousness dwells and see the city of the great King (Heaven). Then, the Lord showed me a vision in Heaven. I saw a little boy playing outside in the perfect green grass and he was kicking a ball. He seemed really happy. I saw a building behind him. It looked like it might of been his home. I think I may have saw his parents standing at the door too, of that building.

As I worshiping God I also saw a vision of God sitting on His throne and Jesus sitting at His right hand.

Jesus eyes was like fire, hair like wool, and garment so pure.I saw the Lord’s seat that looked like pure gold and red at the place where He sits.

I could see myself dancing before the Lord too and felt so free. I felt like I could worship all day long.

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