Vision: Heaven, The Throne & Rewards

Heaven & the Lord’s Throne & Rewards

Prophetess GabrielleI saw the Lord Jesus with All White on and a Bright Light completely surrounded Him.

He invited me to come with Him and He showed me the people in Heaven Worshiping Him. Some were on there knees and others were standing up with their hands lifted up. I heard them saying Holy, Holy. Everyone had a white garment on.

Then I saw the Outside of the Door to the Lord’s Throne and it was all White. The Angel at the Door opened the Door and then the Lord showed me inside of His Throne. I saw an Angel on the side saying Holy, Holy.

The Lord sat on His seat in His Throne. The Lord had All White on and His eyes were White with a Glow.

He showed me some of the Items that were on Gold Table stand beside His Seat. On this Gold Table Stand there was a Bowl, a item that looked like a Wine Cup (in all gold), and a Thick Book. The pages of the Book was Off White and the outside of the Book looked Black.

I asked the Lord about the Bowl and I heard..”Worship.” I asked the Lord about the Wine Cup and I heard…”Judgment; I Judge.”

The Lord showed me a Vision of Him in Heaven standing before the people. The people were on their knees Worshiping God. I saw an Angel on the left side of the Lord Worshiping God too. Then, I saw a Clear, Crystal like, Pure Seat that the Lord sat in. I saw the Lord hold a Shiny Gold Box in His hand. I asked the Lord about the Gold Box and I heard..”Rewards.”

Then, the Lord showed me Gold Crowns on His People’s Head. I saw the Lord as He was placing on His People’s Head and He gave them a Kiss on the Forehead. Later, I saw the Lord place a Crown on my Head and I asked him about it and I heard… “Future” (the crown is for the future when I get to Heaven). I heard the Lord say to me…”You will receive.”

Prophetess Gabrielle Harris


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