Vision: Heaven & Living Creatures

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Living beings bow before the Lord

The Lord showed me a vision of angels bowing before Him at His throne.

The angels had all white on and they were bowing down in like a half circle around the Lord. I saw the angels behind the Lord and on both sides of the Lord.

I saw two living beings with big wings behind the Lord and they bowed. I saw two more living beings with one on both sides of the Lord and they bowed.

I saw twenty-four elders in front of the Lord, at His throne, bow before Him. They were like lined up in rows. I was behind the twenty-four elders and I bowed too.

I asked the Lord about the vision and I heard…“They worship me.” I asked the Lord about what else He wanted to share with His people about this vision and I heard…”Worship Me.”

The Lord showed me this vision while I was listening to “Unto you” song by, Roy Fields. Awesome encounter with the Lord.

Prophetess Gabrielle Harris   Freedom Nation Team Group

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