Thinking Big with God #BigGod

Last night the Lord told me to “Think Big”…

I came from a very poor background. I remember my grandmother bathing me in a bucket in front of a wood burning stove as a kid. I also remember being Very thankful and excited when a neighbor would give me “hand-me-down” clothes from her daughter. It was like Christmas to me when I received those clothes. They were nicer than what I had and it felt really good. All I can remember is.. I was happy with little and I didn’t need much.

I have always lived with that mentality, of being happy and thankful for the little things. I will always be thankful and happy for the little things but it has hindered me from desiring or wanting more.

The Lord shared with me a few months ago, that I was content where I was and He didn’t want me to be content because He wanted more for me. He also shared that by me being “content” I wouldn’t “Desire, Seek, Pursue, and Fight for what He wanted.

We have to desire the things God has planned for us, if we don’t desire His plans, they can’t come to pass.

God has HUGE plans for us, We have to get the vision, desire it, seek it, pursue it and fight for it.

Don’t be content with your plans but desire God’s plans.

My new quest is to “Think Big” with God… It will be a challenge but all things are possible with God. Be encouraged. Blessings.

Apostle Michelle Peterson

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