The Promise Keeper..

Today, I was driving to the grocery store and found myself trapped in a storm.

On one side, I could see “very dark” storm-clouds and on the other side of town, the sky was beautiful and sunny. As I looked at both sides of the sky, there was a rainbow reaching across both sides.

Before I knew it, the storm hit the car and the rain fell so hard I could not see. I asked the Lord if “I would be okay” and I heard Him say “Yes.” Right after I heard the Lord say “Yes” I saw the end of the rainbow rest on the hood of my car, and remain there as I drove down the street… It was the coolest thing ever!

I stopped focusing on the storm and started to laugh and focus on the rainbow.

The rainbow is God’s promise to you and I. We can trust Him to take Good care of us during the “storms of life” we become trapped in.

Focus on the rainbow (God’s Promise) and not the storm. He is a Promise Keeper….

Be encouraged.

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