The Lion on the TV: Night Vision

What a night.

I had so many visions this night.

The vision I want to share with you, I hope it does great things for your relationship with God.

I was wake, closed my eyes and begin to see visions.

I saw a vision of a TV and on the television there was a lion, and the lion was roaring. It was a beautiful lion.

I asked the Lord what did this vision mean and He said… “I want you to focus on Me.”

The interesting part about this vision is that He showed me a TV.

What do we do when our favorite TV show comes on? We give that TV all our attention at that moment. Some people watch TV for hours and spend 5 minutes a day with the Lord.

This is a vision you can apply to your life. The same way you tune in and focus when the game comes on or that favorite talk show, do the same for God. Pretend He is on the TV and watch Him, Focus on Him also.

This will do wonders for your relationship with Him.

He just told me, He loves attention from us, so give Him this type of attention each day, as much as possible.

Enjoy focusing on Him today and Everyday.


Apostle Michelle Peterson #CovenantMindsetJournal

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