The Heart that Prospers

Everything comes from the heart. Hate, Lust, Fear, Greed…etc.

The Commandments of God are good. The laws of God are Righteousness.

We can give to the poor, not commit adultery or steal and kill others, but what is truly in our hearts. Is it to cheat on our spouse because we are unhappy? Is it steal because there’s something we want. Is it to gossip about others because we don’t like them? These things are deep in the hearts of people.

We may judge others because of their sins but we are filled with sinful things deep in our hearts.

It doesn’t matter if we do them outwardly or not, but it does matter if it’s in our hearts to do it. 

Let’s remove these things from our hearts today.

Our hearts have to be freed from all evil to walk in prosperity. 

Prayer: Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ. I ask You to remove all the evil in my heart. I want to have a pure heart before you and others. Help me Heavenly Father, in Jesus name.

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