The Dangers of Debate

The Lord spoke something powerful to me a long time ago. He said.. Beware of Legal Contention!

I was all about “Truth” and what the word said, and I would get into debates about the word. The only thing it accomplished was “strife, anger and division” and these things are demonic. God is a God of Love, Peace and Unity.

He does not want His people divided. A House Divided can not stand. 

I made a vow to try to avoid all debates and disagreements about the bible, even if I am in the right. That’s what “Legal Contention” means… I have a legal right to fight them and debate, but I choose to walk away.

Demons transfer, I have seem them jump from person to person. It’s good to just walk away from someone that’s operating in “Strife, Division and Debates.” Demonic spirits are behind it, and it causes confusion among the brethren.

If you find yourself always debating the word or if you have to be right all the time, then you could be struggling with attacks from these spirits of “Strife, Anger and Control”

If you desire to walk in Prosperity, you can’t walk with these spirits, you have to walk with God in Peace, Love and Unity with His people.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, I ask that you remove “Strife, Anger and Control” from my heart. I renounce “Strife, Anger and Control” in Jesus name.


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