Testimony: Witches & Warlock get saved

The Lord saves occult members in the spiritual realm

The Lord showed us a group of occult members lined up in a line who had been attacking one of our team members. Then, we went into spiritual warfare. While we were doing spiritual warfare Apostle Michelle asked the Lord to use her voice to minister salvation to a group of occult members that were being judged by God for illegally accessing the spiritual realm. The occult members could hear her voice in the spiritual realm and we’re listening to her minister to them. It seemed as if they weren’t sure where the voice was coming from because they were looking around.

As they were being judged they were in a cage that looked like a prison with bars. Some of them were sitting on the floor rocking back and forth, and they looked nervous. One of them were looking up towards the Heavens. He appeared to be looking for God or directly at Him. Then, I remember seeing the Lord Jesus come in the front of them and He was standing in the center of them. He had a Bible with Him and He was sharing with them the Gospel and giving them a chance to get saved. I saw all of the people in the cages raise their hand to show that they accept His salvation. After that, they all stood up and their appearance totally changed. They looked like new creations in God. They weren’t looking around all over the place but their eyes were directed towards Jesus. You could notice that they were calm. It sounded like the Lord was talking to them about going and making disciples for Him. It sounded like the people said we will declare His glory. I remember the cages opening and each person came out and gave the Lord a hug. At the end the Lord turned towards me and blew me a kiss. Then, He told me that He loves me. Later on, I heard the people say we’re sorry. They apologized for attacking one of the team members. This experience was amazing for all of the team members. Some of us wanted to cry, some of us were excited, and some of us were overwhelmed. God is so awesome and loves all of us. He wants no man to perish but to accept His salvation that He freely gives. We thank the Lord for His mercy and grace.

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