School of the Prophets

School of the Prophets:

Ready, Set, Prophesy!


Instead of a Download, I posted my Video about “Hindrances to Prophecy” from my Online Course “School of the Prophets.” Enjoy.

Blessings to You,


I am always getting messages, phone calls from people seeking to know what God is saying.

Personal Guidance, Guidance for ministries, etc.

I am blessed to be able to hear God’s voice the way I do, BUT I have a course that shares with you what God has talk me to do to be able to hear Him clearly and accurately.

I share those steps with you in my Online Video Course, the School of the Prophets.

Hearing God’s voice will catapult your relationship with Him


Your focus must be on God first and your relationship with Him.

If your focus is more on the gift or seeking earthly and worldly things only, then activating this gift can be very dangerous for you.

I will link a testimony of someone who starting hearing God’s voice and almost lost her life because she wasn’t focused on “the relationship with God but the excitement of the Gift.”

Are you seeking more of God and not just the Gift?

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When you join me there, I am available to answer your questions and also to do video response to those questions.

My channel is place where I will provide you with ongoing support, guidance and training to continue helping you grow your in your walk with God and love with people. SUBSCRIBE TODAY!

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I will see you on the other side.

Apostle Michelle Peterson

P.S. Here are some Testimonies of others who have taken the course.


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Learn how to activate and stir up the gift that is in you with simple steps from the Lord, that are taught by Apostle Michelle Peterson.

READY, SET, Prophesy!

Don’t forget to share with us your testimony.

We know the personal prophetic words God will give you are for you but we ask that you share your testimony to Glorify God and what He is doing in your life.

Blessings from Your Instructor: Apostle Michelle Peterson

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