Prophetic Class 2020

February 9th 2020

Are you Ready for the 2020 Prophetic Class?

WOW! You don’t want to miss the “2020 Prophetic Class” with Apostle Michelle.

Prophetic Word: Apostle Michelle Peterson

Message from Apostle:

This Class is for You!!!

Hey you guys, it’s Apostle Michelle. I am opening class enrollment again. I am enjoying the great accomplishments of my current students. Because of that, me and the Lord decided to do this Prophetic class again for 2020.

If you are a person who really desire to walk very close to God and be who He created you to be in this earth, then you are the perfect student for this class.

If you are willing to do what-ever it takes to walk close to God, then this class is perfect for you.

If you are willing do to what it takes to overcome the enemy, then this class is for you.

This is a 12-week class that is focused on accessing God and removing all legal rights the enemy has to hinder and attack you.

Yes, it is an“intensive 12-weeks” of removing attacks from the heart and mind so, you are able to hear God and walk with Him without bondage. That is exactly what I am called to do.

You don’t have to be a Prophet to hear God’s voice, if you are born again, that’s enough.

I will teach you everything God has taught me to help me get to the place I am with Him. If you would like to learn from me, then I will be honored to help you reach High Levels with God.


Why take this class?

Why is this class a perfect fit for you? If you….

  • desire to gain spiritual insight about the spiritual realm

  • have the prophetic gift but want to learn how to operate in it.

  • Want to learn Kingdom Secrets

  • want to overcome the enemy

  • need to be equipped for ministry

  • desire a richer and more intimate relationship with God

  • desire to please God

  • want to learn how to trust when God is speaking

  • want to learn to distinguish between your voice, the enemy’s voice and God’s voice

  • want to know God’s will for your life

  • want to be more sensitive to God’s presence

  • desire to hear God’s voice more often, not just now and then

Then, this class is “Perfect” for you.

A 12-week Overview:

3 Key Focus:

What are the 3 Key focuses of the class, why are they important and how you will apply them to your life?

  1. Remove Blocks of the Heart

  2. Remove Blocks of the Mind

  3. Activation Hearing God’s Voice

Removing Blocks that Hinder:

Everything in life is built upon laws and principles. Principles learned and Principles practiced.

The world is governed by laws, laws about sin, laws about sowing and reaping, laws about forgiveness, many other spiritual and natural laws.

If a spiritual or natural law is obeyed or broken, there’s a consequence for the person who has obeyed or broke that specific law.

The reason we are “where” we are today is because of the laws we (or ancestors) obeyed and broken, and principles we applied.

To hear God accurately, there are many unseen and powerful blocks that have to be removed from the heart and the mind. These blocks will make it hard to hear God accurately, which then causes us to be deceived.

This is why I have set this class to last a span of 12 weeks, to cover these 3 keys and many other spiritual principles and laws to accessing God and hearing His voice more accurately.

12-Week Intensive:

During your 12-weeks with Apostle, she reveals many “strategies” the Lord has shared with her to remove demonic attacks and bondage. Apostle also shares “hidden tactics” the enemy uses to dominate and control our lives.

She does this all through her online “Virtual” classroom setting (live video).

There will be homework assignments and things to apply weekly, so make sure you are able to commit to “12-weeks” of classes.

You have two classes to choose from:

Sunday: (1:00pm EST or 7:00pm EST). See your timezone.

You are welcome to join the class that fits your schedule.

You will be asked to participate in the class activities, so, be prepared to join.

The Prophetic classes are $27.00 each week.

You have the option to be billed weekly, biweekly or monthly.

For more information, email

A Break Down of Class:

✔️ Pre-Class MeetingStudents will meet the Saturday before class begins to navigate the online “video” class platform. We want the students to get familiar with the feel of the platform before class.

✔️ Month #1: Heart

The Lord told said, whoever controls the heart, controls the person.

We will focus on removing everything that hinders you from hearing the voice God. The Lord said there are 3 things that hinder His people from hearing His voice and those 3 things are listed below…

  1. Fear

  2. Doubt

  3. Unbelief

These things have to go!

✔️ Month #2:

The mind is the area the enemy attacks first because is controls our heart. We will focus on removing demonic attacks from the mind and renewing it.

✔️ Month #3: Accessing Heaven

This month you will exercise hearing God’s voice with other students and learning how to minister with God. This will be an amazing time of learning more about God and how He does things. It will truly take your relationship with Him to new heights. This is what it’s all about, your relationship with God.

✔️ Bonus Class: Courts of Heaven

✔️ Private Facebook Community: Join a community of students who help and encourage each other.

✔️ Certificate of Completion:

Personal Touch:

These classes are more tailored and personal to what you struggle with.

During class, Apostle will examine your previous week, attacks, homework and then give strategies and instructions to help you be more effective for the upcoming week.

Apostle Michelle is here to support you each week, and help you to overcome every obstacle, so you can to see results. She doesn’t just teach you and “send you on your way” but she actually helps you to apply each step until you get results.

For example: If you are finding it hard to apply a certain strategy, Apostle Michelle will keep digging to find the root that hindering your process and remove the issue.

You will start to get clarity on what has been hindering you and how to overcome it.

This class is for those who desire to walk in a closer relationship with God.

Enrollment will be open for a short period of time.