Do you need Prayer?

Join My Prayer List: 

Are you being attacked in these areas?

  • Your relationship with God: (Having a hard time drawing closer to God)
  • Finances:
  • Relationships: (Spouse, Children, Family, Co-workers, etc)
  • Health and Body:
  • Mind: (Fear, Depression, Anger, Unforgiveness, Not trusting God, etc.)
  • Spiritual Attacks: (Demonic, Witchcraft, Occult, etc)
  • Curses: (Generational Curses, Disobedience Curses, Word Curses, etc.)
  • Emotional Attacks: (Uncontrollable Emotions like rage, fear, suicide, etc.)
  • Others

Please Join my “Prayer List.”

List the areas you are struggling in, being attacked in, etc. and I will pray for you for Deliverance, Healing, Joy, Peace, or what you need.

Add your name to my list: CLICK HERE TO JOIN


Many Blessings to you and your family, forever, in Jesus name.  -Apostle Michelle Peterson

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6 Replies to “Do you need Prayer?”

  1. Spiritual attacks. Witchcraft on everything. Finances, my progress, my physical being, my relationships, my mind, monitoring and familiar spirits.

    Thank you and God bless you


    1. I will pray for you now, also pray and ask the Holy Spirit to remove the demonic attacks of Fear, Torment and Anxiety from your heart and mind, in Jesus name. Say this prayer when needed.
      I am recording an audio prayer soon that can be played while you sleep. I hope to have it recorded real soon.

      Thank you for the support.

      If you have not subscribed to my YouTube, please do.
      Many Blessings
      Apostle Michelle

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