Deliverance Coach – Trainer – Messenger

If you Desire to have daily Intimate Encounters with God, you are in the right place. Apostle Michelle has been called to help people walk intimately with God and to be “One” with Him.  She shares instructions from the Lord about Knowing His Mind – Understanding His Heart  -His Peace – His Love and what it looks like to walk  with Him everyday and to be His Friend. Apostle uploads Weekly Videos (YouTube) (Facebook)  to help those who desire to encounter God. She shares Messages from God (Instructions), her encounters with God, The Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit. She also shares how you can have daily Encounters with God too and instructions from the Lord to help you walk  intimately with God.


Learn from Apostle: Weekly Videos


 Love Letter from God to You: Walking with the Living God


Tips, Checklist and Things to do to help Christians in their walk with God ( Messages from God)

Apostle Michelle Peterson


Encounters and Visions of God: Messages from God

Apostle Michelle Peterson


The Life of Jesus through the Father’s eyes: Jesus our Example

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