Testimony: Evangelist Cynda

cyndaHumbled tonight!! Freedom Nation Team ministered so powerfully to my spirit tonight in the name of Jesus. During prayer God showed me great things in the spirit but What is so powerful is that Freedom Nation Team spoke out what was being shown to me! Also The Dr. had diagnosed me with asthma several Weeks ago I did not tell anyone. Tonight Trish began to reveal the breathing issue- esophagus- wind pipe- She knew nothing about and Apostle Michelle prayed against it and Apostle spoke the breath to return!!! So many things were revealed tonight that only God knew!! A confirmed powerful word spoken to me by Prophetess Shernene! Love this Team!!!

Testimony: Witches & Warlock get saved

The Lord saves occult members in the spiritual realm

The Lord showed us a group of occult members lined up in a line who had been attacking one of our team members. Then, we went into spiritual warfare. While we were doing spiritual warfare Apostle Michelle asked the Lord to use her voice to minister salvation to a group of occult members that were being judged by God for illegally accessing the spiritual realm. The occult members could hear her voice in the spiritual realm and we’re listening to her minister to them. It seemed as if they weren’t sure where the voice was coming from because they were looking around.

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Deliverance, Restoration & Renewal


We focus also on ministering Deliverance, Restoration & Renewal to a person’s Total Being.

We have a physical body, a Spirit-man and a Soul.

All three of these areas can have demonic and or occult/witchcraft attacks on/in them.

1. The Body:

The Body can be attacked with things like, sickness (Cancer, Diabetes, Autoimmune Disease, Incurable Diseases, Heart Disease, Pain, Fatigue,etc.)

2. The Spirit-man:

Our Spirit-man can go through so much torment by demonic spirits. Our Spirit can be tortured, torn/ripped, caged, chained and attacked in so many ways.

3. The Soul:

Our Soul can experience deep wounds of Pain, Unforgiveness, Bitterness, Hurt, Anger, Rage, Rejection, Fear, etc. If these things are never dealt with(with God), then the person can live a life of torment while still being “born again.”  These Deep emotional Wounds and Trauma are stored in the Soul.

4. The Mind:

The Mind/Brain is a place that also needs intensive deliverance from Mindsets of Fear, Doubt, Unbelief, Unforgiveness. The Mind can be tormented by demonic spirits, controlled with demonic controlling systems, veiled, blocked, entangled and so many more things. The enemy uses so many spiritual strategies to keep the human race in bondage, it’s shocking. The Lord reveals new things weekly to us. The Lord is a great partner to have in ministry because He is the only one who can remove these things from us in the spiritual realm. The only reason why we are able to minister to people who are suffering from demonic attacks is because God ministers with us every step of the way.

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Encounters with God: April 27-28 2017

If you are in the Lincolnton NC area April 27-28… You DON’T want to miss this Event.

There will be 2 nights of having encounters with God. These encounters are part of Our “ACCESS” Retreat; Intimate Encounters with God event. Please come out for a life-changing event.

Grace Temple Holiness Church of God 314 Lee Ave. Lincolton NC 28092