My Precious Pearl

The Lord shared a vision with me last week that made me very emotional. He showed me a vision of a man. This man had a lot of framed pictures and I saw him hiding them away in a box. I asked the Lord what was happening and the Lord said the man loved those pictures and he wanted to hide them so “No one” could find them because he loved them so much.

The Lord shared with me, that I was that man, and that I loved Him(God) so much, that I wasn’t sharing the details of “my relationship with Him” with others.

Let me explain…

When I became a Christian, I desired to walk with God like Enoch. I have always desired to know Him very intimately, and He rewarded me with this relationship because of my desire to have it.

Only a few people know how close I walk with God. Most people see me as a normal person because I keep the encounters I have with God to myself.

But the Lord told me that He desires for me to tell everyone about my relationship with Him because He desires to have this same relationship with all His people.

I am sharing this on my Blog because this will be my New “Ministry” to help those who desire a deeper more intimate relationship with God, experience it.

I will share more in my future Blog post about my relationship with Him.

Covenant Mindset Journal- Apostle Michelle Peterson


  1. Amen I look forward to you writing more on this subject. Maybe include example of how you spend time with God. For me, I may worship, read the bible, or like now I’m reading your blog to learn more about HIM. Your posts are not in vain. Keep posting.

    • Thank you, I am also doing an audio Covenant Mindset Journal on my website. I will share more things there also.


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