Simply Deliverance Kits

You Got Mail...

Hey you guys, I am so excited to launch a couple of special “Kits” for you. One of the kits is for blessing your house. If you are experiencing any weird activity in your house, this would be a great kit for you. The Lord gave me several steps and things you need to do to remove curses from your home, land, remove demonic portals, etc.  

My other kits are monthly. If you would like to receive monthly gifts, words for the month and an awesome Tee-shirt created by me, then, these are awesome things you can sign up for. I’m excited to be able to do something special like this for you guys. 

Tee Shirt (New)

Delivered every month to your doorsteps. Each Delivery includes a single tee inspired by Me. The Design is exclusive to this site.

Word for the Month

Included in your kit each month, will be a word from the Lord for that specific month.

Surprise Gift

This is something I wanted to add to each kit to bless you and to put a smile of your face. Each month will be something different in your kit.

Special Monthly Theme

Also in the kit will be something special for the theme of that month, like chocolates, Mother's Day, spa night and more.

My Monthly Tee-Shirt Club: $25 a month

Choose Your Kit

I love to get “surprises” in the mail…lol  Pick the “Kit” that is the Perfect fit for you.  You can choose to receive only one kit, or you can subscribe to receive a new “Surprise” kit each month. We all love to receive something special in the mail. 


House Blessing Kit

One-Time Kit


Tee Shirt Club

Per month


Simply Deliverance Kit

Per month

Answers to questions

You are able to cancel your monthly subscription at anytime. 

There are no returns. If you receive your kit, and you want to return it, you can just bless someone else with your kit. 

Yes, if the item is in stock, you can request for it to be added to your kit for a discounted price. 

Yes, if you would like to purchase more than one kit, you can email Apostle Michelle at