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Is mental health issues spiritual?

June 11, 2018 

Here is the truth, Mental Health issues are just attacks from the enemy on the mind.

Drugs and counseling will never remove evil spirits.

Drugs may help you cope, but can’t remove the root problem.

We must get back to the basics.

Mindset Coach Apostle Michelle Peterson

Deliverance & Healing from God, in Jesus’ name, is our only Hope.

Nothing is impossible with God.

The enemy attacks our minds with depression, fear, rejection, pain, memories, past failures, not feeling loved, not feeling accepted, outcast, suicidal thoughts and causes us to lose all hope.

At this point we take our eyes off the positive things in our lives and focus only on the negative. We focus on evil thoughts.

God didn’t create our minds to focus on the negative for long periods of time. Our Lord told me, evil thoughts destroy the mind.

The enemy cause confusion, and then we lose the control over your thoughts. It’s sad because after we lose control, the enemy takes that control. We can only imagine what happens after that,  people commit suicide, violent crimes, adultery and the list goes on.
Many are experiencing attacks and need help!

This is a spiritual problem that needs to be removed with spiritual weapons, not drugs or mental institutions.

The more we know about these issues, the more we can help the people regain control back over their minds.

The mind must be renewed.

Our thoughts must be examined and replaced with good thoughts.
It will take work, but we can do it with God helping us.

If you are suffering from mental health issues, and would like to overcome these attacks, we can set up a strategy to help you experience freedom and peace.

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