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Team Members & Trainees

Our Team Leaders and Members have all been activated and trained to minister in several areas. Those who are part of the ministry and in training will be trained to minister in these areas also.

  • Deliverance
  • Prophetic
  • Seeing
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Healing
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Apostle & Overseer of Freedom Nation

Apostle Michelle Peterson is the Overseer and Senior Leader of Freedom Nation Team. She Mentors, Trains, Equips and Prepares Christians to walk with God like “Enoch.” This means that those who desire to walk with God at a level that is not “The Norm” she is called to help guide them on that path. These people have a more deeper passion for an intimate relationship with God. Apostle is chosen to get them there. Her relationship with God is undeniably unbelievable. God talks to her and walks with her in everything she does. This ministry is all about God and His relationship with His people. Deliverance is a major part of her calling. She takes precious time with each person to make sure they receive total deliverance from demonic attacks or occult/witchcraft attacks. Watch Apostle Michelle Testimony below…..

My Testimony of How I was an Atheist, with 12 felony charges and How God saved me and got me out of it….



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Trish Bishop Team Leader: Senior Seer/Prophetic

Trish Bishop is called to be an Evangelist for the Kingdom of God. She is the Senior Seer for the Team and she is also the team leader. She is gifted with a gift most people do not walk in. She is passionate about ministering to the people of God in the areas of salvation, healing and deliverance. Her passion is for souls. She flows with the Lord as He shows her what “He is doing” in the spiritual realm and then she guides the team on what to do next. This level of gift was given to her by God to be the “Eyes for Apostle Michelle” as Apostle ministers in the spiritual realm. As the Lord reveals things, demonic attacks and strongholds are able to be removed from the lives of His people.





Prophetess Gabrielle Harris Team Member

Prophetess Gabrielle Harris is a Team Member of Freedom Nation Team. She is a meek and humble Prophetess with a heart of Gold. She walks  in the gift of a Seer. God reveals what He is doing in the spiritual realm and Prophetess shares what He shows her with the Team to guide them. She has a desire for souls and to see them receive salvation. She is a younger Prophetess but she is able to Endure things that would cause a “seasoned saint” to faint and give up. God has placed many gifts into her life and she Brings a lot to the table in ministry and this world. She is also the Ministry’s Executive Assistant. She is very organized and Faithful to the things of God and His people.




Fredrick & Crystal Harris Team Members and Trainees

Fredrick and Crystal Harris both walk in the gift of Seer & the Prophetic. They’ve been married for 5 years and they have 3 children. They are from Spartanburg South Carolina but relocated to Greenville South Carolina. They have beautiful hearts and a hunger and thirst for the people of God to see them being set free. God has called them for such a time as this and what God put together let no man put ASUNDER.  They love the Lord with everything that’s within them.