Give & God will give you more: Vision

I mentioned that I had several vision the night of January 16th.  The visions I am sharing was about “Being rewarded for Giving.”

That night, I saw a vision of a guy, and the guy was talking to another guy. His back was turned away from me as he talked to the other person.

If you are a person who see vision, always ask the Lord what is happening or what He wants you to do.

I asked the Lord what was happening. The Lord said.. That every time I minister to someone, something new will happen for me.

That week several people contacted me for ministry daily. Each time I finished ministering to the person, I felt something unique happen. The Lord told me each time, He gave me something new.

Here’s a list of a few things He gave me:

Faith, Healing, Endurance, Patience, Power, Extreme Power, Rule, Love, Joy, etc. The List goes on.

If you are wondering if God sees your “Good Works” I want you to know, YES, He does see them, and He will reward you in due season, if you don’t get tired of doing good and helping others.

NEVER Stop doing Good. You will receive GREAT rewards from God.

Be encouraged Today.

Covenant Mindset Journal

Apostle Michelle Peterson

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