Fellowshiping with the King

Spending time with the Lord is an important part of a Christian’s life.

Most of us spend more time at work and watching TV, than we do with the Lord. This should not be so, but instead of doing things on your own, you can do them with God.

How can I do things with God?

You can do things with God, by inviting Him to be part of everything you have to do that day.

When you go to work, ask the Lord to be part of your work day. Ask Him to help you make the right choices on the job, and ask Him to help you show love to those who don’t like you at work,etc.

When you take the time to invite God into each part of your day, you will find yourself being led by Him and He will give you advice and instructions through the day.

It’s wonderful to be led by the “Spirit of the Living God.”

He will guide you into “ALL” truth.

You don’t have to worry about sinning when you are walking in the Spirit.  “This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh. Galations 5:16”

He is the King and Loves to fellowship with His people. Enjoy inviting into each day.

Covenant Mindset Journal- Apostle Michelle Peterson


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