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We want to Officially welcome you to our "Deliverance Minister's School." Congratulations! This is a huge step in the right direction towards helping to change lives through deliverance.
January: Bible Basics #2
This section is focused on more bible basic and preparing sermons from these basics.
February: The Old and New Testament Overview
This month we focus on the "Old Testament and the New Testament.
March: Ministering with God
This month, we will learn about ministering with God.
April: Break (Spring Break)
This month, there will be no lesson. Enjoy your Spring Break.
May: Using the Prophetic and other Gifts for Minstry
This month, we will focus on learning about the Prophetic and other gifts when ministering with God.
July: Deliverance 101 Part 2
This month, we will focus on Deliverance.
August: Practice and Exercising
This month, we will focus on practicing what you have learned about ministering with the Lord, deliverance, spiritual warfare and your gifts.
September: Starting Your Ministry
This month, we will learn about starting your ministry.
October: Graduation
Yay! You have finished school. You are ready to go forward.
Ministers Training School
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Is this the right school for me, and are you the right teacher for me?

  1. Am I the right teacher for you?
  2. Are you called to set people free and ready to walk in your calling?
  3. Are you a licensed or ordained minister who want to minister deliverance to others?
  4. Are you a church leader who wants to set up a deliverance team in your ministry?
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