Consultant Session

Apostle Michelle will be available for private sessions soon.

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Coming Soon….

Book a session with Apostle Michelle today, to help you overcome struggles and walk closer to God.

Who is it for?

These sessions are for you if:

  • ✔️ You have a strong desire to walk closely with God
  • ✔️ You need help with overcoming the enemy in an area of your life
  • ✔️ You are stuck and in need of Godly advice to help you make the right decisions moving forward 
  • ✔️ You have certain career/life goals but you just can’t figure out how to achieve them

In these sessions we will discuss strategies and techniques for:

  • ✅ How to walk closer with God
  • ✅ Overcoming the enemy and his attacks
  • ✅ Spiritual warfare
  • ✅ Mindset renewal 
  • ✅ Walk in your destiny

These sessions are NOT for:

  • ✖️ Dream Interpretation (God has specific people for that)
  • ✖️ Prophetic Words (God wants you to seek Him for personal words) If you want to learn about hearing God’s voice, ask for information about private one-on-one “Prophetic Classes.”
  • ✖️ Information about what numbers and signs mean
  • ✖️ Vision Interpretation

These sessions are to help you walk closer to God and overcome the enemy.

Booking your session

Days and times are limited, however, please still choose a day and time that works best for you. 

Also,  please include as much information as possible on the assessment form when booking, to better help Apostle Michelle understand exactly how to help you. 

  • 30-minute sessions:
  • 1 on 1 format
  • $10 reservation fee to secure a slot (and any amount that the Lord leads you to donate)
  • Zoom Video  setting

            (Book Now)

  • 60-minute sessions:
  • 1 on 1 format
  • $10 reservation fee to secure a slot (and any amount that the Lord leads you to donate)
  • Zoom Video  setting

                 (Book Now)

  • Group sessions  [No group session availability at the moment]
  • 1 on 1 format
  • $10 reservation fee (or any amount that the Lord leads you to donate)
  • Group-like setting
  • Spiritual growth exercises, teachings, prayer, and much more
  • These sessions are special in that they are led by the Lord
  • $10 reservation fee to secure a spot (It is also recommended that you book a 1 on 1 session, at your convenience as well, in order to personally work on any issues or needs that you may be having)

8 Replies to “Consultant Session”

  1. Good bless you mighty woman of God. I was watching YouTube and saw your video. The HOLY SPIRIT lead me to search your website. After reading your story, it reminds me so much of my own. I am a believer of God, but I’m stuck in a place that I am frustrated and tired. I need a miracle from God I am in such a financial hardship and I do have a job but the money is not enough to get out of debt. And your story hit me because I was thinking of doing something drastic. I know God has to show me favor. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. I’m writing from Philadelphia

  2. Good day Apostle.

    my name is Zanele from South Africa.

    I’ve been truly blessed by your teachings on YouTube, thank you so much for all the work that you put in. Am seating here feeling overwhelmed in a good way by your teachings. I always thought that having a relationship with God is hard. I so want to hear His voice clearly.

    I’ve started doing everything you told us in the videos and I’ve now noticed that everytime I pray or whorship in spirit (My heavenly language is not yet strong ) I feel an itchy sensation ALL over my body.

    Please tell me what this means and what I need to do…..

  3. Thank you for you videos. I currently relocated to an American Indian community in Alaska from Florida and your videos on defeating witchcraft and demonic activity through Spirit led prayers are very power. I was going through very intense attacks that the locals consider normal. I refuse to be afraid. I have engaged in spiritual warfare before but your videos bring to light areas, I didn’t understand or didnt even know about. Thank you woman of God. Also, by any chance will you have any weekend, earlier or later time slots due to the time difference here in Alaska?

  4. Hi there Apostle Michelle! I really am in need of a session. I am facing many attacks and need guidance. Is there anyway that it can be done today if possible? I ask because my internet service is scheduled to be cut off tomorrow. I thankfully have enough money in my paypal account left to give you a decent donation thankfully and would be glad to for your help and assistance. Bless you sister in Jesus’s n=mighty name

  5. Hi
    I’ve emailed you @two different addresses you provide on your YouTube account but both are invalid. I messaged you via Facebook on messenger but you didn’t respond. I also left a voice mail at the number you provide on your Instagram account information.
    So here I am. Assuming this is the best way to contact you
    Peace and Blessings

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