March Only!

Consultant Session

Walk with God

If walking with God is your heart's desire, Apostle Michelle is called to help people in this area.


If you are called to Deliverance Ministry, Apostle has provided sessions to mentor you in your calling.

Delverance Tips

Apostle Michelle loves to teach and help people walk in freedom. She shares simple but powerful deliverance strategies to help you get and stay free.

Couples Sessions

Marriages experience attacks from the enemy and Apostle can share strategies with couples to help them overcome the enemy.

Private Sessions are NOT For:

Before you book your session, each session is to help you in your Christian walk, please don’t book sessions for the following….

Dream Interpretation:

Prophetic Words:


Meaning of Visions

Pick Your Session

You can pick the session that is best for what you need. The next step is to fill out your assessment form and then pick the date and time that works best for you. After you have picked the time and day, your session will be scheduled with Apostle Michelle. The Sessions are video based through the “Zoom” platform. If you have never used Zoom, get familiar with the platform before your sessions starts. 


60 Minutes Session


Couples Session


Mentorship Deliverance