Vision: Heaven & Living Creatures

Living beings bow before the Lord

Prophetess Gabrielle Harris, Prayer Team Leader

The Lord showed me a vision of angels bowing before Him at His throne.

The angels had all white on and they were bowing down in like a half circle around the Lord. I saw the angels behind the Lord and on both sides of the Lord.

I saw two living beings with big wings behind the Lord and they bowed. I saw two more living beings with one on both sides of the Lord and they bowed.

I saw twenty-four elders in front of the Lord, at His throne, bow before Him. They were like lined up in rows. I was behind the twenty-four elders and I bowed too.

I asked the Lord about the vision and I heard…“They worship me.” I asked the Lord about what else He wanted to share with His people about this vision and I heard…”Worship Me.”

The Lord showed me this vision while I was listening to “Unto you” song by, Roy Fields. Awesome encounter with the Lord.

Prophetess Gabrielle Harris   Freedom Nation Team Group

Vision: Twenty-four Elders

Prophetess GabrielleVision 1: Twenty-four Elders
The Lord showed me a vision of the twenty-four four elders bowing before Him at His throne. They were in two lines right below the Lord’s throne. I asked the Lord about the vision and I heard.. “elders; they bow before me; worship; they worship.
Vision 2: The Lord is the light
The Lord showed me a vision of a bright light in the sky. I asked Him about the vision and I heard…”I am the light. “
Prophetess Gabrielle Harris  Freedom Nation Team Group

Vision: Crown in Heaven by Crystal Harris


20170610_140120 (2)I had a vision last night as I was reading.

I saw me kneeling (bowed down) before the throne of God and He placed a crown on my head. I stood up and Father placed His hands on my face and kissed my forehead and I heard Him say, “My beloved, in whom I am well pleased”. Then it ended.

This vision was such a reassurance to me and I felt such a warm engulfing peace. All I can say is Lord I thank You.

Crystal Harris   Freedom Nation Team Group
















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3 Vision of the Lord: Prophetess Gabrielle

Prophetess GabrielleJesus wears a crown
The Lord showed me a vision of Him surrounded by a bright light. Then, I heard Him say…”come.” He showed me a vision of Jesus Christ with a gold crown on His head. I asked Him about the vision and I heard the Lord say…”I have a crown. I endured. I will help them. Follow me.”
The Lord is I Am
The Lord showed me a vision of Him sitting down in Heaven, in front of His people. His robe was a bright white and surrounding Him and the people was all white. I asked the Lord about what He wanted to tell His people and I heard Him say…”I am.”
The Lord loves praise and worship
The Lord showed me Him sitting on His throne and He picked up the bowl with smoke coming up out of it, and He lifted the bowl and placed it before His face. I asked the Lord about what He wanted people to know from the vision and I heard…“worship. I love worship.” I heard the Lord say…”praise. I love praise.”
Prophetic Team Leader: Prophetess Gabrielle Harris  Join Freedom Nation Facebook Group

Vision: Heaven, The Throne & Rewards

Heaven & the Lord’s Throne & Rewards

Prophetess GabrielleI saw the Lord Jesus with All White on and a Bright Light completely surrounded Him.

He invited me to come with Him and He showed me the people in Heaven Worshiping Him. Some were on there knees and others were standing up with their hands lifted up. I heard them saying Holy, Holy. Everyone had a white garment on.

Then I saw the Outside of the Door to the Lord’s Throne and it was all White. The Angel at the Door opened the Door and then the Lord showed me inside of His Throne. I saw an Angel on the side saying Holy, Holy.

The Lord sat on His seat in His Throne. The Lord had All White on and His eyes were White with a Glow.

He showed me some of the Items that were on Gold Table stand beside His Seat. On this Gold Table Stand there was a Bowl, a item that looked like a Wine Cup (in all gold), and a Thick Book. The pages of the Book was Off White and the outside of the Book looked Black.

I asked the Lord about the Bowl and I heard..”Worship.” I asked the Lord about the Wine Cup and I heard…”Judgment; I Judge.”

The Lord showed me a Vision of Him in Heaven standing before the people. The people were on their knees Worshiping God. I saw an Angel on the left side of the Lord Worshiping God too. Then, I saw a Clear, Crystal like, Pure Seat that the Lord sat in. I saw the Lord hold a Shiny Gold Box in His hand. I asked the Lord about the Gold Box and I heard..”Rewards.”

Then, the Lord showed me Gold Crowns on His People’s Head. I saw the Lord as He was placing on His People’s Head and He gave them a Kiss on the Forehead. Later, I saw the Lord place a Crown on my Head and I asked him about it and I heard… “Future” (the crown is for the future when I get to Heaven). I heard the Lord say to me…”You will receive.”

Prophetess Gabrielle Harris


Visions: Doors of the Lord’s Throne

Prophetess GabrielleDoors of the Lord’s Throne & Outside of the doors

I saw a vision of a long, narrow, oval shape, gold door handle on the doors of the Lord’s throne. The Lord showed me outside of the doors was many people wearing all white. They were the Lord’s people and I think they were worshiping God. Some were on their knees and I saw one of them with their hands raised. Surrounding the Lord’s people was all white.

Prophetess Gabrielle Harris   Freedom Nation Team

Vision: The Lord removes Poison from Apostle’s Body.

Media Kit Photo5Apostle Michelle’s Testimony about Black Widow bite:

June 26th 2017

On Monday, I was bitten twice by a Black Widow spider and around midnight I felt the symptoms start to intensify. I felt intense pain. I had chest pains, my tongue and even my eyeballs hurt. It was intense. I ask God a few questions but it was very hard to focus on Him and discern His voice but I did hear Him say to “Ask Him to remove the poison from my mind” but I didn’t, because I was wrapped in confusion, so I contacted Trish for prayer that morning. She prayed and here is what happened…..

IMG_4527 (2)Trish Bishop’s Testimony:

June 26, 2017

I was praying over Apostle Michelle because a black widow spider bit her.

As I was praying, I saw God start to heal her. It was like He was pouring New blood into her blood and cleansing her’s out. I’m pretty sure it was the blood of Jesus because His blood cleanses our blood.

Then I started praying over her brain because she couldn’t think clearly. I saw God lay His hand on her head and started cleaning her brain. It looked like water flowing down her brain. She also told me that it felt like warm oil flowing down.

Media Kit Photo5Apostle Michelle’s Testimony after the Prayer:

June 26th 2017

The Lord told Trish and I that He still wanted me to go to the Dr. Instantly I felt better in my body but I still had that “stupor” feeling in my mind. So I went to the Dr.

When they saw me, the place where I was bitten was almost totally healed and they refused to give me anything because they couldn’t tell that I had been bitten by the spider at all.

It was great to know God started healing it so fast but I also wasted a trip and money to go to the Dr. and they basically called me a liar and said I wasn’t bitten by a spider…  It’s funny now but it wasn’t then…lol

Be encouraged that God is a healer and always will be. He never changes.

Freedom Nation team    Freedom Nation Team Facebook Group