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Posts from Freedom Nation's Team Members of Visions and Testimonies of the Goodness and Beauty of Our God.

Vision: “Bath of Fire” (Refine as Gold)

Last night I was talking to the Lord about “Refining” me like the way gold is refined with fire.

Vision: Heaven & Living Creatures

I saw two living beings with big wings behind the Lord and they bowed. I saw two more living beings with one on both sides of the Lord and they bowed.

Vision: Twenty-four Elders

The Lord showed me a vision of the twenty-four four elders bowing before Him at His throne.

Vision: Crown in Heaven by Crystal Harris

I had a vision last night as I was reading.

I saw me kneeling (bowed down) before the throne of God and He placed a crown on my head.

3 Vision of the Lord: Prophetess Gabrielle

The Lord showed me a vision of Him surrounded by a bright light. Then, I heard Him say…”come.”