Moments of Wisdom: The Deliverer

Moments of Wisdom with Apostle Michelle Peterson

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Apostle & Overseer of Freedom Nation

Moses was chosen by God to be the Deliverer of His people in Exodus. Jesus was sent by God the Father to also Deliver God’s People.

The Jews thought the Messiah was coming to Deliver them from the Romans (the enemy) BUT Jesus came to Deliver them and us from the True Enemy, which is demons Not People.


#1 Strategy of the Enemy

The Lord told me one day that the plan and goal of the enemy is to Destroy man-kind’s relationship with God and with each other. That’s the enemy’s #1 goal.

The enemy’s #1 strategy is powerful. It has been working on humans from day one.

That strategy is to remove all “Love” from our hearts and to replace it with demonic emotions.

Love is the Most Important:

Without Love we can not enter into Heaven.

We can minister to the world world, get every person saved, Be the “Best” Preacher (Better than TD, The Best Teacher, Prophesy with 100% accuracy every-time, See the dead raised, Heal those with Cancer, Aids and all manner of sickness and disease. We can walk in Signs & Wonders and call Fire down from Heaven and still go to Hell because of “LOVE.”  Continue reading “#1 Strategy of the Enemy”