The Word of the Lord brings Peace

Today, I received some very devastating news and it shook me to the core.

Before I knew it, pain, hurt and panic hit me in seconds.

I asked God, “What should I do?”

I heard Him say, “Relax”…. So I jumped up, and said.. “Lord, help me!”

I tried to relax my body but nothing happened, so I started to ask the Lord to “fill my mind, heart, spirit, soul and body with His peace” and I started to feel His presence consume my entire being and I was calm.

WOW, it happened so fast, I couldn’t control the emotions ,so I inquired of the Lord as fast as I could and He came through for me, like always, and He will come through for you also.

Whenever you’re in a situations that is negative or demonic and emotions hit you, just call on the Lord for His help.

Relax, and then Ask Him to fill your mind, heart, spirit, soul and body with His peace. Relax, then you can receive from Him.

Rest assured, He is there with you every step of the way.

Be encouraged today, I am.

Bless you.

Apostle Michelle Peterson


The Promise Keeper..

Today, I was driving to the grocery store and found myself trapped in a storm.

On one side, I could see “very dark” storm-clouds and on the other side of town, the sky was beautiful and sunny. As I looked at both sides of the sky, there was a rainbow reaching across both sides.

Before I knew it, the storm hit the car and the rain fell so hard I could not see. I asked the Lord if “I would be okay” and I heard Him say “Yes.” Right after I heard the Lord say “Yes” I saw the end of the rainbow rest on the hood of my car, and remain there as I drove down the street… It was the coolest thing ever!

I stopped focusing on the storm and started to laugh and focus on the rainbow.

The rainbow is God’s promise to you and I. We can trust Him to take Good care of us during the “storms of life” we become trapped in.

Focus on the rainbow (God’s Promise) and not the storm. He is a Promise Keeper….

Be encouraged.

Apostle Michelle Peterson Freedom Nation Team Website

Thinking Big with God #BigGod

Last night the Lord told me to “Think Big”…

I came from a very poor background. I remember my grandmother bathing me in a bucket in front of a wood burning stove as a kid. I also remember being Very thankful and excited when a neighbor would give me “hand-me-down” clothes from her daughter. It was like Christmas to me when I received those clothes. They were nicer than what I had and it felt really good. All I can remember is.. I was happy with little and I didn’t need much.

I have always lived with that mentality, of being happy and thankful for the little things. I will always be thankful and happy for the little things but it has hindered me from desiring or wanting more.

The Lord shared with me a few months ago, that I was content where I was and He didn’t want me to be content because He wanted more for me. He also shared that by me being “content” I wouldn’t “Desire, Seek, Pursue, and Fight for what He wanted.

We have to desire the things God has planned for us, if we don’t desire His plans, they can’t come to pass.

God has HUGE plans for us, We have to get the vision, desire it, seek it, pursue it and fight for it.

Don’t be content with your plans but desire God’s plans.

My new quest is to “Think Big” with God… It will be a challenge but all things are possible with God. Be encouraged. Blessings.

Apostle Michelle Peterson

Drugs vs God's Peace

As I spend time with the Lord and experience His perfect peace, I said to the Lord “I feel High” and I thought of all the pain pills and alcohol I use to drink before my conversion.

I loved the feeling I got from pills and alcohol. It was a peaceful feeling and no matter what was happening in life, it gave me a numbing feeling, like I didn’t have any cares in the world.

The Peace of God is so much better than drugs and alcohol. When His peace consumes even your bones, it’s an unbelievable high, the best high ever.

Jesus is the Prince of peace. There is no anxiety in peace, no fear, no anger, no jealously. It’s a place every Christians should seek to dwell in.

Let the Peace of God dwell in your Minds and Soul today.

Pray this prayer:

Heavenly Father, I ask that You fill my mind with Your peace, in the name of Jesus Christ. (Say this 10 times or more, until you feel the peace of God consume your mind) Then spend time in His presence (worshiping, reading His Word, etc.)

Enjoy His peace daily.

Apostle Michelle Peterson

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The Lion on the TV: Night Vision

What a night.

I had so many visions this night.

The vision I want to share with you, I hope it does great things for your relationship with God.

I was wake, closed my eyes and begin to see visions.

I saw a vision of a TV and on the television there was a lion, and the lion was roaring. It was a beautiful lion.

I asked the Lord what did this vision mean and He said… “I want you to focus on Me.”

The interesting part about this vision is that He showed me a TV.

What do we do when our favorite TV show comes on? We give that TV all our attention at that moment. Some people watch TV for hours and spend 5 minutes a day with the Lord.

This is a vision you can apply to your life. The same way you tune in and focus when the game comes on or that favorite talk show, do the same for God. Pretend He is on the TV and watch Him, Focus on Him also.

This will do wonders for your relationship with Him.

He just told me, He loves attention from us, so give Him this type of attention each day, as much as possible.

Enjoy focusing on Him today and Everyday.


Apostle Michelle Peterson #CovenantMindsetJournal

When God calls you His Friend

There are not many scriptures found in the bible where God calls His creation “His Friend.”

Abraham is a person who God called friend.  

James 2:23  And the scripture was fulfilled which saith, Abraham believed God, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness: and he was called the Friend of God. 

On January the 23rd, I was hanging out with the Lord. He had given me a few new gifts the week before because I had ministered to a few people. So, I ask Him to reward me with “Love.” While I was receiving the Impartation of Love, I heard Him say… “You are My Friend now.” I was in a state of total shock, and still am. After I heard Him say this, I realized that everything I that I had every wanted, had just came truth and made my reality. All the pain, attacks, warfare, sacrifice was worth it.

It’s all Worth it.

I want to share with you, if you desire for God to call you His Friend, you can have this type of relationship with Him. It will take “Everything” in you but it’s so worth it. It will take total submission but it’s worth it. It will take enduring intense fire and depending on God to provide every need. It will never be easy to receive such an High Honor as being a “Friend of God” but it’s so worth it.

I want to encourage you today, that all things are possible. You can have everything you desire with God. He will give you this desire, if you want it bad enough.

Do you want it?

Ask Him today t help you have this relationship with Him.

Be prepared to give up all for Him.. Whether it’s.. your Diet, Relationships, Things, or your control. Give it up. Give it up… Do not complain but count it all joy.

It’s so worth it.

You can have it.

Be encouraged.

Covenant Mindset Journal #FriendofGod

Apostle Michelle Peterson