Breaking Curses: Prayers & Teachings

God, Release Your Anointing, Holy Spirit come upon me

How to break them?

First you have to have authority from God to remove the powers that witches, warlocks and occult members us against other humans.


Because the power that they get to attack us with come from the demonic realm. This realm is of the kingdom of darkness.

Witches, warlocks, occult members access this spiritual to make things happen in the natural.

The spiritual realm is more powerful than the natural.

All things are created in the spiritual realm before they are created in the natural realm.

Good things can be created in the spiritual realm and bad things can be created in the spiritual realm.

  1. Words are spiritual. 
  2. Thoughts are spiritual.

Things 2 things Create the world we live in.

When a person accesses the spiritual realm to get power or blessings or to harm someone, they are accessing the demonic realm and they are communicating and getting power from these demonic spirits. Most of them may not know theses are demons. Some may think they are spirit guides, guardian angels, etc but when we access that realm all forms of access is illegal, unless you access it with God, the creator of all things. He is the only one who can give us legal access to the spirit realms.

So witches, warlocks and Occult members get demonic power and attack people with them.

If you are being attacked by them, the #1 thing you must do for these attacks to be removed is to have a relationship with The God of all creation. He is the only one that has power over all the demons and their kingdom. He is the only one that can help you remove every attacks, curse, hex, etc. that they place upon you, your family, your finances, etc.

If you don’t know Him or have a relationship with Him, you will not be able to remove these type of attacks because they are spiritual attacks and they need a spirit power that is higher than the one that is attacking you.

Witches and Occult members send demonic spirits to attack us.

They will attack you body, Mind, Heart (emotions) Family, Atmosphere, Finances and your entire life.

These demonic spirits are subject to the name of Jesus the Christ.

Those who have authority to use the name of Jesus also have authority over these demonic spirits.

You will need this type of authority to start to remove all witchcraft and occult attacks from your life.

If you have not entered into this relationship with God through His Son, Jesus, then make this the first things you do. I have a video you can watch to do that first.

Remove Attacks:

Now, You are ready to remove attacks.

First, thing to know is that God is a spirit and He is the one that has to do the work for you in the spiritual realm to remove these attacks. You can command the demons to leave but we can not command humans to leave. They don’t have to obey us or God (for now).

Because we can’t command humans to leave us alone, God has to be the one to remove everything they place upon us.

So everything you do, has to be through God. Using the name of Jesus.

Types of Attacks and Curses:

-There can be curses on your body: (Natural body)

-There can be curses on your mind: (Natural and spiritual)

-There can be curses on your finances: (Natural)

-There can be curses on your heart: (Natural and Spiritual)

-There can be curses on your destiny: (Natural)

-There can be curses on your bloodline and generation: (Natural)

-There can be curses in your atmosphere. (Natural and Spiritual)

-There can be curse on objects. (Natural)

-There can be curses on everything.

Because there can be curses on everything, there are different ways to deal with each curse.

I will make a series of Videos for removing witchcraft and occult curses from different areas.

But Today, we will focus on an area that many people struggle with attacks in this area…. Finances.

We need Money, to live, to pay bills, to eat, to drink, to buy clothing, furniture, personal things, car, home, etc.

Money is someone we need on this earth, there is no getting around that fact.

When we are attacked in that area, we feel it hard. And it causes a lot of other problems in our life.

I will share with you some of the attacks or curses witches and occult members can place on your finances.

  1. Vault (Demonic Bank)
  2. Block (Wall) (Hinder them from flowing)
  3. Bury the money in the ground (they take it to the demonic realm ground and bury it there) When they do this, they destroy your finances
  4. Chain it
  5. Fund it (take it from our funds) This is stealing it from you (They take it from you, take it to the demonic realm, then they use it (fund it)
  6. They can control it (they take it to the demonic and put conditions on the money) example: that the money can’t be used for good. (the devil does this with people who sell their soul to him)
  7. Contracts: Aggrements, Covenants with occult memebers

So many other things they can do to money.

So now, let’s get ready. Take special time out now to Focus on God and how great He is…

Make sure to 100% focus on Him at this time, you have to totally trust Him and know He is taking care of you. Pause this video and worship, sing, talk, listen to Him and then we will get started.

He is the only one that can do things things in spiritual realm for us, so give some “Me-Time” right now.