Focus Planner

The “Focus” Planner for Christians.

Focus Planner

Do you Love the Lord and want a closer relationship with Him?

Are you a busy person but desire to make more time for God each day?

Do you want to experience a happier and a more intimate relationship with God?

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What would it feel like to?

Know your life is “Pleasing” to God.

Experience intimate encounters with God, each day.

Know and understand God’s heart.

Be happier and experience more peace and joy in this life.

Have a “more” structured life.

This type of lifestyle is possible with the “Focus Planner.”

I started creating planners because, the Lord spoke to me about creating a “365” day planner for Him because He desires to walk with His People every day of the year. A “365” day planner is HUGE, but I am creating several “smaller” planners that will make each day you “walk with God,” simple, easy and plus, you will enjoy communicating with God for the rest of your life.

These planners are “outlines” of what life looks like with God. The Lord has told me, He desires to “walk very close” to His People, the way I walk with Him and or greater.

So, I started creating simple things in each planner, that I include in my lifestyle.

These planners will help change structure and change your life and help you walk closer to God.

This is God’s Heart.

The “Focus Planner” is Specifically for Christians.

Are you ready to Start “Planning” with God?

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