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Apostle Michelle is known to many as a Prophetic Adviser and Spiritual Mentor. Those who desire direction and guidance from the Lord, consider Apostle as the go to person in this area.

The Lord shared with Apostle Michelle several things about the mind.

God told her that He created our minds to create.

He gave her a list of 5 things that He desires for us to create with our minds.

Those 5 things are:

  • Peace
  • Love
  • Patience
  • Merry (Happy)
  • Kindness to others

This is the List the Lord gave Apostle for you.

These 5 things are the perfect will of God for your life and this world.


You must create them and it starts with your mind.

The Lord gave Apostle many Keys to help you start the process of renewing your mind.

Are you Ready to get started?

What can I expect from the Coaching  Programs? bright-energy-idea-247753 (3)

  • Expect to make a commitment to the mindset renewal process.
  • Expect to work hard for your Peace and Freedom.
  • Expect to have support and encouragement from Apostle during the Program.
  • Expect to apply simple yet powerful mindset tools and strategies to your life.
  • Expect to be out your comfort zone.
  • Expect to be challenged to think differently and to remove the old thought pattern from your life.
  • Expect to walk closer to God and depend on Him to overcome the enemy.
  • Expect to examine your current mindset and heart.

Mindset Makeover Bootcamp

(The BootCamp is Tailored for Christians and Prophets)
If you are a Prophet, your Bootcamp will be focused differently. (Book the Prophets Package)

 Announcement: Group Session are Coming Soon for Men and Women. At the moment Apostle Michelle isn’t available to minister to men for Private One on One Sessions.  Sorry for any inconvenience.


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