The Giving Heart

As I hang out with the Lord and read, He shares with me, that He has created all humans to be givers.

We all desire to give.

I had a strong desire to give to an Uber driver last night because he sat in the car for a “very” long-time to wait for me to grocery shop. I forgot to get cash and uber drivers don’t receive tips from the company. I felt so bad that I didn’t have cash to tip him, but he continued to say, “it’s okay, you don’t have to tip me” but I had to give him something.

So, I decided to pray for him, and ask God to give the guy something special that week.

I know God will repay the guy for me. But the fact is, God has made us givers.

The reason why some don’t give is because there’s demonic influences behind “not giving.” It can be “Fear of Lack” Fear of being taken advantage of” Greed….etc.

All these things are demonic.

So, if you struggle with giving, even though you desire to, command every demonic spirit attacking you in that area, to leave in the name of Jesus Christ.

Now, you can give freely and receive.

Apostle Michelle


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