Apostle’s Journal:


Vision of the Train of the Lord:

I had a vision November 19th 2018 of the Lord’s hands, and they were covered in this like “yellowish gold” Glory. Then I saw the Lord walking.  I saw a long white train flowing as He walked. So I asked the Lord about it, and He said it was His train. I will try to explain Him as He walked away from me. His Beauty is indescribable, I can’t explain it in human words, but He walked slowly (almost in slow motion). The way He walked was “elegant and beautiful.”  His train flowed like it was in water or a calm breeze. Imagine a white satin robe slowly flowing in the sea, that is what I can compare it to but not really. LOL. I was very sleepy that evening, and the Lord came to me to spend time with me, but I was sleepy, so He walked away, but He still allowed me to see His Beauty as He walked away from me. Total “Elegance and Beauty” is what I remember. I will never forget it. 

This is an excerpt from my notes and journal. I hope you enjoyed this one.

– Apostle Michelle

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