Academy and Equipping

The Style and Focus of this Ministry:


Apostle Michelle has an “unique” style of ministering (Read more about her).

She’s not the typical Apostle. She is a calm, relaxed teacher, that focuses only on sharing with the people the words and instructions from the Lord.

Apostle Michelle may come across as a Prophet but God has called her to be His Apostle.

God has called this ministry for a Specific Purpose and that purpose is to help His people to “walk closer with Him and overcome the enemy.”

This ministry accomplishes this purpose by helping believers understand God, focus on Him, depend on Him and overcome the enemy daily.

Most of the trainings are “Interactive,” which means, whether it’s our “Prophetic Class or Deliverance Training,” there will be participation from the attendees.

The people will be asked to interact with God and to respond to Him.

There will be some form of exercise, repentance, etc. for the participants to do.

Even with our Deliverance trainings, the people will be asked to examine their hearts, repent, etc.

We focus on online training, courses, video sessions and video training, etc.


The Structure and Outline of Trainings


Introduction to the Trainings – What to expect:

Here are the Different Style Events Apostle Michelle brings:

  • Access – Encounters with God: This Event is very intimate and personal for those who participate. First we start out with teachings about God, then 5 personalized Encounters with God. (Intimate Encounters with God) The style of this event is more of a Workshop/Retreat Style event.
  • Basic Spiritual Warfare Training: This event is filled with basic level training about Spiritual Warfare, How to do warfare, Accessing God and the Order of warfare. The style of this event is more of a Conference/Workshop Style event.
  • Deliverance Training and Sessions: This event is focused on basic deliverance of the mind, heart, soul, spirit and body. It is a Conference/Training Style Event.



Basic Teaching & Training

All Teaching & Training Material are from the Lord:

Areas we Focus on:

  1. Understanding God
  2. God’s Love
  3. God’s Heart
  4. God’s Purpose



Deliverance Training

Simple Instructions from the Lord on Prophecy:

Outline of Event:

  1. Our Covenant: Deliverance
  2. Understanding Deliverance
  3. Removing Legal Rights
  4. Removing Demonic Spirits (Evil and Unclean Spirits)
  5. Removing Generational Curses



Encounter with God (Retreat Style Event)

These events are Tailored 100% by the Lord:

Outline of Event:

  1. Teaching about “Who God is” (Understanding God)
  2. Releasing the Power of God
  3. Power of Focus
  4. Power of Love
  5. Interactive Power release
  6. Interactive Focus
  7. Removal of Fear
  8. Releasing Favor, Prosperity and Blessings
  9. Encounter Time
  10. Deliverance



Spiritual Warfare Training

Revelations from the Lord on Spiritual Warfare:

Outline of Event:

  1. What is Spiritual Warfare
  2. Illegal Access to the Spiritual Realm
  3. How to Access the Spiritual Realm the right way
  4. What to do before you enter the Spiritual Realm
  5. Your Territory
  6. Access Exercises: Enter & Exit












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  1. Hi Apostle,
    In an attempt to filter and clean my FB page, your name stood out and I realized we were friends on Facebook but I have never been interactive with you. I searched your profile and discovered this beautiful ministry that God has entrusted you with. I want in on God all the way. I’ve always loved Him since I was a small child. But…I know there is more. After viewing your ministry page and website, I am inclined to reach out to you. May the Lord use you greatly in my life.

    Constance Cline

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