3 Month Coaching Program

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How to Join the Bootcamp and  Book Your Session?

Join Mindset Make Bootcamps: If you desire to join our Mindset Makeover Bootcamp (Donation), Click on the (BOOK NOW) link. The link will take you to the scheduling page. Choose between the days and time you are available, then fill out the simple assessment form to help Apostle prepare for the structure of your future sessions. Then Click the donation link on this website to send your Bootcamp donation, also add a note with your schedule information. Apostle Michelle will respond and confirm that the donation was received and we are already to start Bootcamp. Are your Ready?

Virtual Coaching Sessions: (Online)

3 Month – Intensive Bootcamp: Mind Renewal Package:  $400 Donation

Included in this Package:

– Prophetic Adviser Session: Session with Apostle (Guidance, Calling, Purpose, ect)
– Five, 10 minute Phone Sessions: You can use these sessions when you have a quick question or two
– Twelve weeks of email support:

  1. You will work with Apostle Michelle for 12 Weeks
  2. Assessment
  3. FREE 1 Private (Phone or Video Coaching Session) (30 minute) to go over your current mindset. -Identify the patterns/things that are keeping you stuck.
  4. 12 (1 Hour each) Private phone or Video Coaching Sessions.
  5. Intensitive 12 weeks Plan (Covering Spiritual Life, Relationships, Finances, Emotions, etc).
  6. Step by Step Mindset Mastery System.
  7. Mind Deliverance: (Cleansing – Breaking Curses, Attacks, Torment, etc) Optional.
  8. Worksheets, Downloads and Checklist.
  9. Workbooks and Planners.
  10. Weekly calls to help you strategize, plan, focus, exercise and measure your progress.
  11. Work together to help you accomplish several desires.
  12. Weekly Routine Planning.
  13. Coaching session valid for 3 months from the booking date.
  14. You will have the ability to call Apostle Michelle anytime between her available days should anything important comes up.
  15. You will receive coaching, encouragement and be held accountable.

This package can be customize for your needs.

$400 Donation BOOK NOW

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