What We Do in Ministry

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Apostle Michelle is the Overseer and the trainer/teacher of Freedom Nation. She has been honored by God to speak His words to His people. What I mean by that is, she has a covenant with God, that she will only teach with words directly from God’s mouth. He gives her the message in details, she writes His Words down (word-for-word) and then she gives those same words to the people. After she shares with the people what God said, she then explains the revelation and how it applies to their lives.

The Lord has given her many instructions for the people such as, How to Overcome Fear, How to Prophesy, How to remove the Hindrances of Prophecy, How to See Prophecy Manifest in Your Life, How to Experience the Glory Cloud, and How to Have Encounters with God. He has also given her instructions on Spiritual Warfare, Accessing the Spiritual Realm and getting out, Entering into Covenants with God and so much more. The teachings are powerful. There are so many testimonies about lives being changed by this ministry and How the Lord is with them Every step of the way.

Here are some of the fundamental Teachings of this Ministry:

  • Understanding God, His ways and His Character:
  • Who is the Heavenly Father?
  • Inviting God into Your Daily Life: Living Sacrifice
  • The New Covenant of Jesus: A Relationship with the Father
  • God’s Love: The Depth
  • Walking with God: Partnership with God
  • Focusing on God: Supernatural Lifestyle Foundation
  • Opening the Heart: Accessing Heaven
  • Becoming one with God: Intimacy with God
  • Trusting God: How to Trust God
  • Prophecy: Training & Equipping – Hearing the Voice of God
  • Deliverance 101
  • Basic Spiritual Warfare: Battling in the Spiritual Realm

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