The Word of the Lord brings Peace

Today, I received some very devastating news and it shook me to the core.

Before I knew it, pain, hurt and panic hit me in seconds.

I asked God, “What should I do?”

I heard Him say, “Relax”…. So I jumped up, and said.. “Lord, help me!”

I tried to relax my body but nothing happened, so I started to ask the Lord to “fill my mind, heart, spirit, soul and body with His peace” and I started to feel His presence consume my entire being and I was calm.

WOW, it happened so fast, I couldn’t control the emotions ,so I inquired of the Lord as fast as I could and He came through for me, like always, and He will come through for you also.

Whenever you’re in a situations that is negative or demonic and emotions hit you, just call on the Lord for His help.

Relax, and then Ask Him to fill your mind, heart, spirit, soul and body with His peace. Relax, then you can receive from Him.

Rest assured, He is there with you every step of the way.

Be encouraged today, I am.

Bless you.

Apostle Michelle Peterson



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