Testimony: “School of the Prophets”

     Testimony from the “School of the Prophets” Online Training Course

 From Denise Barbour:

Blessings Apostle Michelle! I’m pleased to say that your course is helping me to see on a deeper level. I realized that I could “see” at a very young age, however, I was a bit limited in my understanding. Your course has helped me to better understand the gift that the Lord has entrusted to me. My perspective has changed and because of that, I am able to perceive more, giving me the opportunity to move forward in my service to the kingdom!

My testimony…
During my time in my secret place, the Lord showed me an image of what looked like veins and arteries, only they were illuminated. Later that morning, I received a call from my sister letting me know that my Aunt was very ill. As she and I were talking my aunt called in and we conferenced the call. She was going to call an ambulance to go to the hospital because she was having chest pain. I suggested that we pray. As I prayed for her I knew the image I saw earlier was for her. I prayed according to what the Holy Spirit placed on my heart. My aunt and my sister both received the prayer well. Before we got off of the phone my sister said that she felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and the pain she was feeling in her back was completely gone (I had no idea she was in pain). Later that evening I called to check on my aunt and she said that she was feeling better and did not need to go to the hospital! To God be the glory! Two for one! God is so awesome!
Before your course, I thought I had to wait to receive what the Lord had for me, now I know that I can pursue what He has for me actively and with expectation. A great big thank you to you Apostle Michelle for helping me to bridge the gap between me and my destiny. It could have easily taken me years to discover what you have so graciously prepared and served on a silver platter! May God bless you for your service to the kingdom!

Testimony from the “School of the Prophets” Online Training Course

 From Trude Xanders :

God bless you for this awesome training. The Lord clearly speaks to and through me.  I heard, “If you walk in the Prophetic daily, I will bring my Purpose and your Calling to pass.” – “I walk in the Prophetic daily, because you will bring Your Purpose and my Calling to pass.” “I will shower blessings from My Glory through you because you follow My Guidance.” “Thank you, Lord, that you will shower blessings from Your Glory through me because I follow  Your Guidance.” AMEN and So It Is in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ.

May everyone who takes this course receive edification, enrichment and a special embrace from Our Lord. Thank you again.

Email from Trude:

Greetings and thank you from my heart for the excellent training you lead. I have just completed the class on the Prophetic and am filled with joyous waves of the Spirit, so much gratitude overflowing.

The Lord brought me to you this morning when I saw an ad for the Udemy course and He directed me to go without delay. What I learned is immediately helpful and simplifies this gift for me. Expressly what I need. Pray for me that I delightfully grow in the use of prophecy. I have been an unconscious Prophet for decades and now is my season to awaken and employ. I love how you made it so easy with the examples as well as the balanced content. The entire course delivered straight from the Lord. Perfection!  It is a blessing to connect with you and I bless your Team.
As I close, I am Guided to share with you that nearly ten years to the day I was at a garage sale, and a woman I had never seen came up me with a message I will always treasure.  She said she had come straight from Church and she had to tell me that I would prophesy.. I had no idea how this would pan out at the time, yet today, after your course, I thank the Lord for this unexpected but true Messenger from the Angelic.
Your Ministry will grow by leaps and bounds now, because His outpouring of Holy Spirit is washing over America and the nations!
God bless you always as we grow in His Grace and thrive in His Liberty,

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