Deliverance, Restoration & Renewal

We minister Deliverance, Restoration & Renewal to the Total Being.

We have a physical body, a Spirit-man and a Soul.

All three of these areas can have demonic and or occult/witchcraft attacks on/in them.

1. The Body:

The Body can be attacked with things like, sickness (Cancer, Diabetes, Autoimmune Disease, Incurable Diseases, Heart Disease, Pain, Fatigue,etc.)

2. The Spirit-man:

Our Spirit-man can go through so much torment by demonic spirits. Our Spirit can be tortured, torn/ripped, caged, chained and attacked in so many ways.

3. The Soul:

Our Soul can experience deep wounds of Pain, Unforgiveness, Bitterness, Hurt, Anger, Rage, Rejection, Fear, etc. If these things are never dealt with(with God), then the person can live a life of torment while still being “born again.”  These Deep emotional Wounds and Trauma are stored in the Soul.

4. The Mind:

The Mind/Brain is a place that also needs intensive deliverance from Mindsets of Fear, Doubt, Unbelief, Unforgiveness. The Mind can be tormented by demonic spirits, controlled with demonic controlling systems, veiled, blocked, entangled and so many more things. The enemy uses so many spiritual strategies to keep the human race in bondage, it’s shocking. The Lord reveals new things weekly to us. The Lord is a great partner to have in ministry because He is the only one who can remove these things from us in the spiritual realm. The only reason why we are able to minister to people who are suffering from demonic attacks is because God ministers with us every step of the way.

Other areas that need Deliverance: Information given to me by the Lord:

  • The Bones: Demonic spirit can live in the bones.
  • The Blood: Demonic spirit can live in the blood.
  • The Organs: Demonic spirits can attack our organs (they remove different parts of the organs, that causes the organs not to work properly)
  • The Brain: Demonic spirit can remove parts of our brain and they attack the brain.
  • The DNA: They can remove the DNA and replace it with demonic DNA. (this removes Godly emotions from us and replaces them with demonic emotions)
  • The Eyes: Demonic spirits can remove certain parts of the eye. (this causes them not to be able to see in the natural and or in the spiritual)
  • The Ears: Demonic spirits can remove parts of the ear (this causes them not to be able to hear in the natural and or in the spiritual.
  • The Mouth: Demonic spirit can cause our mouths to be perverted and defiled and it needs to be clean.
  • The Hands: Demonic spirits can ruin our hands, that everything we touch is ruined.
  • The Feet: Demonic spirits can curse our feet, that everything we walk on is cursed.
  • The Finances: Demonic spirits can put Locks, Hindrances, Cages, Blocks on our finances. (Hindrances, Stops, Prevents financial blessings and financial prosperity)
  • Marriages: Demonic spirit can torment and destroy marriages. (Focusing couples to hate each other, envy, strife, pain, hurt, unforgiveness, jealousy, anger, revenge, lust)
  • Relationship: Demonic spirit destroy relationships by cause strife, envy and fear.
  • Destiny: Demonic spirit destroy our destiny by turning us against God. (unforgiveness, fear, hurt, so many spirits are used to turn us from the Lord)
  • Family: Demonic spirits destroy families by causing strife, division, fear, jealousy, envy among the family members.

These things need to be removed and the area restored


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