Night of Visions: Honor

I am sharing these post about my encounters, life and relationship with the Lord…

I hope you are encouraged to seek the Lord for more of His Beauty.

January 16, 2017, I received over 8 visions in less than 8 hours.. Over the next few post, I will share them with you.

The First Vision was about “Honor.”

As a woman in ministry, I encounter those who do not Respect or Honor women in Ministry and it does hurt me. Sometimes I feel like trying to prove myself, or I feel like I have to retaliate and treat them the way they treat me, “without honor” BUT…  God.

Here’s the first Vision the Lord show me around midnight, January 16th.

I saw a vision of black chairs. They were empty chairs… as I am writing this I am tearing up.. No one was sitting in the chairs, no one to support me, no one to encourage me.. The chairs were empty.

I asked the Lord what this meant… He said, There will be people who won’t receive you but you must Honor them because I love them.

This is the Lord’s heart. No matter how others treat us.. No matter how painful it feels, God still desires for us to Honor them because He Loves them too. He Loves them.

It’s hard to resist the spirit of Pride and still show honor, but it pleases God. And He is the one we desire to please.

Make the sacrifice Today for Him.

Honor those who do not honor you.

Whether it’s your family (No honor in your hometown) Women, Men, Boss or Spouse. Apply this to your life and still honor them because God Loves them.

Covenant Mindset Journal- Apostle Michelle Peterson

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