#1 Strategy of the Enemy

The Lord told me one day that the plan and goal of the enemy is to Destroy man-kind’s relationship with God and with each other. That’s the enemy’s #1 goal.

The enemy’s #1 strategy is powerful. It has been working on humans from day one.

That strategy is to remove all “Love” from our hearts and to replace it with demonic emotions.

Love is the Most Important:

Without Love we can not enter into Heaven.

We can minister to the world world, get every person saved, Be the “Best” Preacher (Better than TD Jakes..lol), The Best Teacher, Prophesy with 100% accuracy every-time, See the dead raised, Heal those with Cancer, Aids and all manner of sickness and disease. We can walk in Signs & Wonders and call Fire down from Heaven and still go to Hell because of “LOVE.” 

Love is God. God is Love. Without Love for God and Love for all people, we Will Not enter in…. The Lord actually told me this, “Without Loving God and People, we can’t get in.”

I want to tell you how scary this is….

The enemy lies to us and say, it’s okay to hate certain people (if they do evil things). If they have hurt us, rejected us, abused us, slandered our name, cheated on us, killed someone we love, etc. The enemy and this world system will tell us, this is okay. It’s not okay, if we are trying to get into Heaven. It’s not okay if you are born again, it’s not okay for God’s people to believe these lies of the enemy. We are NOT children of the devil anymore, we are Children of the Light.  The darkness comes in when we allow the enemy to fill our hearts with “Fear, Unforgiveness, Anger, Rage, Hate, Offence, Bitterness, Jealousy, Envy, Strife, etc

These things defile our hearts and it removes “LOVE” from our hearts. DANGEROUS!!!!!

If the enemy can plant these things in our hearts, he has us.

We have to try to ask God to help us remove these when they happen. God will help us. Ask Him.

“Guarding your heart” is guarding your heart from these demonic seeds.

Guarding your heart from “Fear, Unforgiveness, Anger, Rage, Hate, Offence, Bitterness, Jealousy, Envy, Strife, et….

Protect your Heart.

How do I Protect my heart?

Simple but not easy way to Protect our heart is to Give “LOVE” away…

To always give Love away. NO MATTER what!

“Give Love” even when people spit on you, Give Love even when they slander your name, Give Love even when they abandon you, hurt you, reject you.. Never stop giving your LOVE.

When you stop Loving people, the enemy has accomplished his will and plans for your life and eternity.

Walk in Love, Show it, Say it, Give it, Do it, Live it, Mean it and Breathe it….

This is our Life now. God will help us every step of the way.

Be encouraged.

-Apostle Michelle Peterson

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  1. Trish

    This is strong but we all need to hear it and do it no matter what.

    Thank You God for putting someone in my life to train and help me with this and so much more..


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